The Willow Park Orchestra highlights many of our brightest musical talents, playing a wide range of music from classics to pop. The orchestra is featured at our annual "Songs In The Park" music festival in April. We'll also be performing in a range of activities including Christmas concerts, school masses, and the Inter-Schools Music Festival at Wesley College.

The orchestra is free of charge and rehearsals take place this year on Monday mornings before school from 7:45 until 8:40am in the cafeteria.

The orchestra is constructed to cater for a wide range of musical achievement. Our senior members who play the more complex lead parts encourage and help their younger colleagues in a friendly and fun atmosphere!

Instrumental students who have achieved grade 1 standard are invited to audition!

The School Ensemble

This meets on a Wednesday morning at 7:45 in The Hub. The School Ensemble features prominently in our Christmas Carol Services and concerts and at Songs in the Park concert in the Spring Term. It is open to any boy who plays an orchestral instrument (whether or not they receive their lessons in school) who hold Grade 1 in their respective instrument.

The Ensemble presents the opportunity to play a wide range of repertoire and is very beneficial to overall musicianship.

21 2019
Bullying Awareness Week
24 2019
P6 Confirmation Talk and Service of Commitment
25 2019
French Day
28 2019
First Confession - K2
29 2019
First Confession - J2
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