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The WIN Committee (from left to right): Laura, Mercedes, Sasha, Maya and Xiduo.

There’s a special place for international parents to gather in Willow Park. The Willow International Network was created with the main goal of providing a support system for Willow’s international families. We are over 45 members representing every continent. We welcome parents no matter what their nationality is, everyone who would like to join our community is more than welcome.

Our coffee mornings take place every first Wednesday after drop off, during that time we enjoy sharing tips, recommendations, plan activities and organising International day.

International day is a special event in the Willow community; during which students participate in activities planned by WIN parents. On our first edition children learned about food all over the world, and last year art was the protagonist.

We are thinking about adding more activities to our calendar and of course our invitation is extended to the whole Willow community. These include workshops – meet ups – book club and more to come!

Feel free to contact us on willowinternationalnetwork@gmail.com

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