Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement and Ethos

Willow Park Junior School is a Roman Catholic Junior School for boys. The school is under the Patronage of the Spiritan Congregation and operates according to the guidelines of its Trustees, the Spiritan Education Trust (SET).

As a Spiritan Catholic school, Willow works with parents in the moral, social and intellectual formation of their children.

It is a school that cares for each pupil, recognising and fostering his particular talents within the context of a Catholic community. In the long journey towards self-knowledge, Willow provides a spiritual compass for life. It is in these early years of learning that Willow boys follow the Christian path of living and gain the confidence to explore and question their world. Willow boys come to appreciate the value of learning and the pursuit of truth. Willow offers a broad education that prepares and enriches a boy for life.

The school promotes the full and harmonious development of all pupils in their cognitive, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual growth. Our Spiritan education proactively supports those in need.

A Willow education is, at heart, a moral grounding for life, where excellence is cultivated, tolerance expected and courtesy the norm.

The Mission of Willow Park Junior School is to:

  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning and fosters the development of pupils in a caring, courteous and Christian manner
  • Provide an environment in which each pupil can develop his human potential
  • Deliver a broad-based curriculum that includes a wide and varied range of extracurricular activities
  • Foster an environment that nurtures Faith; that gives pupils an informed understanding of the Catholic faith and motivates them to live their lives in accordance with the values of the Gospel
  • Provide an enriching learning experience for the whole school community
  • Promote parental collaboration in the educational programme of the school

In Willow Park Junior, Faith and Reason are the vibrant partners in our human quest for understanding and fulfillment. Cognisant that the world- (as the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote) ‘is charged with the grandeur of God’, Willow boys learn to appreciate, explore and celebrate the many avenues of learning that life has to offer. Through study, prayer, and guidance, they come to appreciate that perseverance, reflection and tolerance are at the heart of life-long learning.

Our ethos promotes the expression of cultural and physical pursuits. We recognise the importance of the imagination and play in the development of a rounded, balanced Christian. Through the arts and sport, our spirituality and understanding of others grows and gains expression. Be it playing the cello or scrum-half, a Willow boy learns to express God’s beauty and share His world. We believe a creative and active school helps form a thoughtful and practical Christian who can cope with the challenges that life presents.

Catholic education is inspired by the Gospel and, as such, respects the freedom and dignity of every human being. Willow fosters personal integrity and moral courage -our motto being Fides et Robur- (Faith & Strength). We encourage pupils to use their talents for the benefit of others and not just themselves. Willow boys come to realise that they are called to serve others, - above all - those who are victims of poverty and injustice. That is why Willow pupils and families actively participate in many charitable initiatives and Spiritan missionary work.

Willow Park Junior is an inclusive school that welcomes those of other faiths and none – whilst remaining true to our own distinctive ethos. As a Spiritan school, we are especially conscious of our missionary tradition and the importance of respect within diversity.

In Willow, young boys learn their prayers, find space for reflection during the busy school day and develop an optimism and joy that allows them to express their talents, enrich their world and support those in need.

The Willow Spiritan ethos is a vibrant, living presence that permeates the school day and home life of our pupils and families.

We invite families who are considering a Willow education for their son/s to visit us during any school day and experience our ethos at first hand.

Just contact our Registrar @ 01-2881651 to arrange a meeting and introductory school tour.

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