Easy Payments Plus Guide

Easy Payments Plus Guide

Easy Payments Plus (EPP) is our online payments system for school run events and activities. It is important to note that there is only one account per family. This means that the account has been set up in one parents name and this must be the parent who activates the account.

For parents new to the school, it will be possible to activate your account at the start of the new school year. For returning parents, you will be able to activate your account at any time if you have not already done so. If you have any difficulty activating your account please see the FAQ's below or contact the Principals Secretary, Beverly Nelson, at sec@willowparkschool.ie.

Details on how to activate your account can be found here: Easy Payments Plus Guide

Please check the extra curricular booklet carefully for payment details. For any activities that state payment is through EPP, the sign up form will only be available through EPP and payment must be made through this system. There will be no physical sign up form and no cash or cheques will be taken for these activities.


1. I logged in to EPP but I can’t see a ‘Willow Park’ option.

  • You must activate your Willow EPP Account even if you have an EPP account already. Please go to our website and click the Easy Payments Plus School Account button at the bottom of the page, and then click the pink ‘activate’ button.

2. I have put in my phone number and surname to activate my account and get an error message saying ‘No Record Found’

  • First check the spelling and number are correct. There is one account per family, and they can only be set up in one parent’s name. It could be that your son’s other parent is named on the account and in that case they will need to activate it. Alternatively, if you go by another name in the school (e.g. maiden name/married name) please try that.
  • If you are new to the school please do not try to activate your account before the 31st August, as your account may not be available yet.
  • If you are still having problems please contact the school at sec@willowparkschool.ie

3. I can’t see the activity I want to pay for once I have activated my account and logged in.

  • Only activities listed in the school Extra Curricular Booklet that state payment is though EPP can be paid for online. Activities run by outside coordinators must be paid directly to the coordinator. If the activity is listed as taking EPP payments but you still cannot see it then sign up for that activity may not be open yet. Activities with limited capacity may be full.
  • The activity/event may not be available for payment yet. Please check iClass messages (or Extra Curricular booklet if appropriate) for details of when payment will be open.

4. I accidentally paid for the wrong activity/event.

  • Please contact the school and we can either transfer the payment to the correct activity or issue a refund.

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