Activities Booklet

Activities Booklet

Due to Covid 19 Safety protocols, we are unfortunately not able to offer the full Extra Curricular timetable so far this year. Please see our news articles for the extra curricular timetables which will be updated every few weeks until we are able to go back to the usual timetable. The booklet below is last years, to give you a picture of what we will have on offer when we are able to safely go back to these activities.

There are a large number of extra curricular activities available for all forms at Willow Park Junior School, from Chess to Chinese!


The After School Activities 2020/2021 Booklet contains before and after school activities available in Willow Park Junior School- this does not include the core extra curricular activities of Rugby, Basketball, Competitive Swimming and Cross Country.

Speech and Drama Feis winners!

Please note- all activities and costs are subject to change depending on interest and personnel. If you have any queries please contact the relevant Activities Coordinator named in the Booklet, or for help contact reception on 01 288 1651.

Some school-run activities specify payment must be through Easy Payments Plus (EPP) please see our EPP guide by clicking here.

To view the After School Activities Calendar with Collection points click download button below:


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