Willow Weekly Newsletters

Willow Weekly Newsletters

The Willow Weekly

The Willow Weekly is Willow Park's school newsletter which details the many activities and opportunities afforded to Willow boys. It is emailed weekly to approximately 700 parents as well as teachers.

The newsletter format showcases the many activities of the boys alongside a stable of Form News, sports updates, match details and results, WPA activities as well as a Principal's or Dean's message. There is also a sponsored weekly quick which give out a Rhino Rugy ball to the winner. A photo of the lucky winner with his ball has proven very popular!

Alongside Flexibuzz, the Willow Weekly is the go-to place for all updates in the calendar and gives a special insight into all events, from the boy's perspective. It is a place for the boys to tell their stories.

The team responsible for putting all this together and collating all information and stories have been happily enjoying their time on this lovely publication for a number of years now and it has become a labour of love.

As the editor for the last 5 years, I'd really like to thank our fun and the amazing team of Fleur Muldowney, Karen Flannery, Miriam Ryan, Clodagh 'The Quizmaster' Quigley, and Martha O'Sullivan. Thanks for the great time ladies! And thanks to the boys for filling up their newsletter with wonderful stories, amazing achievements, a camaraderie unique to Willow Park and for allowing us parents a snapshot of the boys' experiences in their school. I have been privileged to be part of this, thank you.

Fiona McShane


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The Willow Weekly team put together this fantastic video review of the year for 2017-2018! Enjoy!

19 2018
WPA Committee Meeting
20 2018
Parent Teacher Meetings
21 2018
Parent Teacher Meetings
22 2018
Parent Teacher Meetings
28 2018
Enrolment Mass
Well done to all who took part this year!
Issue 11 of the Willow Weekly- 16th Nov
This Week is STEM Week at Willow Park Junior School!
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