Suggested Reading 2020

Suggested Reading 2020

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Suggested Reading Lists for 2nd - 6th Form

Dear boys,
I hope you’re all well after the last while at home. I’m looking forward to seeing you all and chatting to you again when we get back to school but as we begin the summer holidays, I have put together a list of books for you to enjoy over the next few months.
At the beginning of each list are some titles which have been or will be released in 2020 that I think you will be interested in. I have also listed some of the newer books in the Willow library that you loved before we broke up. The Suggested Reading lists have lots of the old favourites on them too, and I have included many of the popular series giving the name of the first book in the series so you can start at the beginning.
At the moment, lots of the book shops are running an online service so if you want to buy, don’t forget this, and many of them are planning to open their shops on 8th June. Bear in mind if you are ordering online, that the books will get to you quicker if you order from an Irish shop, as there have been delays with shipments from overseas stores.
If you want to check whether a book is suitable before you buy, the best way to do this is to look at the book on and click on the picture of the book. In most cases you can ‘Look inside’. It usually shows you the first few pages of the book, the size of the text, the covers and the pictures inside and you can see if it appeals to you.
The public libraries are also due to open on 8th June, so hopefully this will happen and you will be able to borrow some new books to read. Reading can be an expensive hobby if the book is only going to be read once or when buying non-fiction so the library is a great resource for over the summer. You can order and renew online and they also provide a Borrow Box service for audio books that you can play in the car if you get to travel down the country later on in the summer.
I hope you find some books to enjoy in these lists and look forward to seeing you in Willow when we return.
Happy reading!

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Don't forget you can also try the Willow Reading Challenge too!

Happy reading!
Mairead Bermingham, Willow Library Co-ordinator
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