School Closure Work

School Closure Work

Please find below some of the homework the teachers have set for the boys during the school closure period. Our News articles will be constantly updated also with lots more ideas for activities at home from the teachers.

All Forms: Some fun home activities to help you keep active can be found here.

2nd Form:

Uploaded 26th March:

2nd form French, 26th March.docx

3rd Form:

Uploaded 26th March:

3rd form French, 26th March.docx

Uploaded 18th March:

3rd form Maths Problems 1.docx

3rd form Billionaire Boy Chapters 1-11.docx

Uploaded 12th March:

3rd form Comprehensions.pdf

3rd form Creative Writing.docx

Gaeilge Revision Booklet.pdf

3rd Maths Revision Booklet.pdf

3rd form Problem Solving Sheets and Magic Squares.pdf

3rd Weight Word Problems.docx

3rd Rainforest Project.docx

3rd Transport Project.docx

Third Form Scheme of Work.docx

3rd & 4th form Bonjour cava wordsearch et les numeros.pdf

4th Form:

Uploaded 30th March:

4th form chansons 4e mars 2020.docx

Uploaded 12th March:

4th Creative Writing.docx

4th dictionary skills.docx

4th Form History Project.docx

4th Geography country project..pdf

3rd & 4th form Bonjour cava wordsearch et les numeros.pdf

5th Form:

Uploaded 30th March:

5th Form chansons 5e mars 2020.docx

Uploaded 12th March:

5th Form School Closure Work.pdf

5th French se presenter mars 2020.pdf

5th French number wordsearch130 page 1.pdf

6th Form:

Uploaded 30th March:

6th form chansons 6e mars 2020.docx

Uploaded 12th March:

6th Form work.docx

Building Sentences (1) (18).docx

English Comprehension Pack.pdf

6th Maths Revision Booklet.pdf

6th Private Peaceful comprehensions.pdf

6th Science Pack.pdf

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Workbook 2012.pdf

The Cay comprehension (1).pdf

The Cay novel.pdf

The Seven Core Values 6th form.docx

membres de la Francophonie explications projet mars 2020.pdf

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