Willow Reading Challenge 2021

Willow Reading Challenge 2021

Dear Willow Park boys,

If you’d like a bit of an extra challenge for your reading in 2021, why not try this? The idea behind it is to read a book you wouldn’t always pick up, maybe finding a new favourite title or series to enjoy or one that will challenge you to learn something new.

Pick a prompt from the challenge that appeals to you. Look through the Reading Suggestions that are listed on the website or look around the library or your book shelves at home and choose a book to fit the prompt in the 2021 Reading Challenge. Try to read a book you haven’t read before and remember to ask an adult or an older sibling for some ideas if you’re not sure what to read. If you want to print off the list, there’s space to write the book title on the challenge sheet. If you don’t read very quickly, don’t worry, just read as many books as you are able to, as long as you are enjoying it. Happy reading!

Mairead Bermingham

Willow Park Junior School Library

2nd Form Reading Challenge

3rd-6th Form Reading Challenge

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