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Welcome to our Willow website.Principal James Docherty

As you browse these pages, you will learn about the enriched Willow academic curriculum, our modern educational facilities and our vibrant extracurricular programme. However, you will also come to understand that Willow Park is more than just a school.

A Willow education provides boys with a moral compass for life.

Willow families share in the religious, intellectual and social formation of their children and join with our teachers in guiding the boys as they mature through their childhood. Our campus (shared with Blackrock College) is blessed with parkland and learning facilities that make it an especial educational environment in which to study, play and develop. We are proud of our ethos, our tradition and our pupils. Willow boys achieve academically; they excel in their sports; they are creative in the arts and they care for the poor and marginalised in society.

The Willow experience creates questioning, confident and courteous young adolescents who are prepared for ongoing study, are ready to live a full, Christian life and are willing to help those in need.

Our motto Fides et Robur (meaning Faith and Strength) pervades Willow daily life, as our pupils prepare for the joys and challenges ahead.

I hope that this site will lead prospective parents to visit our campus, meet our community and join the Willow educational experience - an experience that supports families and prepares boys for life.

James Docherty


Willow Park Junior school,
Co. Dublin,

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