Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal

Just imagine a young boy of 5 years of age entering the large ornamental gates of Willow Park Junior school to begin his educational journey. Now jump forward 14 years and witness a confident, articulate and well-rounded 19-year-old exiting the gates of Blackrock College to begin a course in Third level education or indeed a trainee role in an organisation. This is the story of our campus where there is a seamless educational journey for 14 years of your son’s life.

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On Thursday the 2nd of May around thirty parents were taken on a fantastic journey through the College and shown the story and the journey that their sons can and will be involved in when they start in Second Year in Blackrock College. The history, facilities and holistic nature of the educational experiences open to the young men in the College is hugely impressive and reinforces the three most important words within the Junior school – Believe. Belong. Become.

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Believe. Firstly, our fine Sixth Formers will be walking into a new First Year school building where there will be a digital hub, library, meditation suite, music and drama room along with a student support office. This is mirrored within the senior wing of the College with state of the art 21st century Science labs and modern and spacious kitchen facilities for Home Economics students. We also visited the phenomenal Woodwork room. The boys will have the opportunity to develop skills in other areas that will give them confidence and help nurture a talent that will open many doors for them in the future. Secondly, there is organised night study from 6pm till 9pm Monday through to Thursday (slightly shorter study hours on Fridays) in which the boys have the chance to revise and review all their academic subjects. It was wonderful to see such a hive of activity in the school even at 9pm on a Thursday evening. Again, nurturing a talent that gives these fine young men confidence – Believe.

Belong. The opportunities for the boys to get involved in debates, singing, sport and the Arts are plentiful. One such example of involvement is the unique Blackrock College Radio (BCR), which is broadcast from Blackrock College for a full week every November. Every boy in Transition Year takes part in BCR. This can take the form of working as a technician, sourcing the guest speakers, working on fundraising or indeed becoming the DJ. That every TY boy is involved in the running of the station reinforces the Belong part of the school ethos – being part of something bigger than the individual.

Become. Throughout our time walking through the corridors of the College the one tangible aspect was that the experiences and opportunities offered to these young men are not taken for granted. It was inspiring to see and feel the sense of gratitude from the boys and witness the strong sense of history on the walls with the many ‘Rock men who have gone before them. Over 1000 young men have great experiences offered to them, state of the art facilities, knowledgeable, caring teachers and an inspiring Principal Mr. Alan MacGinty ensuring that they can Become whatever they want to be.

I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Johnny O’Shea and Mr. Alan MacGinty for allowing our Junior school parents to walk around your wonderful school. I look forward to our last WPA meeting on Monday the 13th of May, which will be held in the Creative Arts and Digital Learning Centre in the College and the WPA class reps will then be given a tour of Blackrock College. Therefore you can experience this wonderful educational journey for yourselves.

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