Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal

Religion and Rugby. Two hugely important foundations in the life of Father Denis Gavin. 1982 was the first ever Willow Park Fifth Form blitz that Father Gavin created to ensure that every boy participated in the tournament regardless of their ability. The most important factor was that Father Gavin realised the boys had chance to experience being part of a team. Looking back at the Willow Park School annual 1982 the festival was indeed exciting and competitive;

(Willow Park School Annual, 1982, page 94)

I hope that the great man will be there to witness his 37th festival of rugby. On behalf of Father Gavin, I wish to extend a warm invitation to all within the Willow community to come along to the Fifth Form Rugby festival on Saturday the 6th of April. If you manage to come across the great man wearing his black baseball cap during the festival could you please say two words to him……..Thank you!

Principal’s Note:
I would like to thank Steve Bradbury, Claudette Burke, Tricia Meehan, Sinead Baker, Fiona McKone Giles as well as Mr. Steven Halion and Ms. Claire MacGinty for co ordinating a fantastic WPJS Arts Week. The theme ‘All for one and One for all’ perfectly summed up the opening evening as well as the array of fantastic artistic events experienced by the boys. Well done!

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