Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal

I would like to start by thanking all the parents, teachers and boys for making the last six weeks so special especially during French day, Confirmation and Reconciliation services, behaviour during JCT/SCT matches and as always, your enthusiasm for learning, smiles and positivity coming into school. However, I must sincerely thank our Fifth Form team of teachers – Ms. Lequerica, Ms. McMahon, Mr. Crinion and of course Mr. Mageean who created two special nights that we all enjoyed as members of the Willow community.

I also must thank Mr. Jonathan Lycett, Mairead, Neil and Orlando for the music and the army of Fifth Form parents and teachers who spent hours creating costumes and applying make-up.

Please take the time to read Ben's (P5) thoughts on the Fifth Form Musical ‘The Greatest Toy’.

The musical was a piece of art. It was so much fun! The feeling experienced when on stage is incredible- it is a mix of joy, pride and exhilaration like no other. When it goes away there is a hunger and longing for that feeling making you want to do that well at everything. But it could not have happened without the long hours of hard work put in by Mr Mageean and Mr Lycett. Thank you for all that hard work.

As a year group, we are extremely proud. Everyone gave it everything making it the show really extraordinary. At the start of the rehearsals, if someone had told my year group that we would get a standing ovation we would have laughed, but now it’s happened it’s a memory that will stay with us forever!

Thank you, Ms Lequerica, Ms McMahon and Ms Cregan, for all the help you gave us as well as Mr Crinion for helping back stage. Thank you to the musicians who made the music possible and Mr Mageean who made the whole thing possible, and to my fellow classmates, year group for working together and producing something so special!

By Ben, P5

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Weekly Message from the Principal
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