Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal

This week Mr. Docherty has some homework for parents.

Those parents who are not familiar with Ken Robinson are asked to visit:

Ken Robinsons TED talk

Robinson’s (now famous) ‘TED talk ‘ takes less than 20 minutes to view online and - whether you agree with him or not - you should find his ideas interesting. Robinson believes that today’s dominant systems of education are based on three principles -- or assumptions at least -- that are exactly opposite to how human lives are actually lived. First, they promote standardization and a narrow view of intelligence - when, in fact, human talents are diverse and personal. Second, they promote compliance - when cultural progress and achievement really depend on the cultivation of imagination and creativity. Third, they are linear and rigid - when the course of each human life, including yours, is organic and largely unpredictable.

I hope you found Robinson’s original presentation entertaining and stimulating (like all good homework!). I also hope Sir Ken would understand and appreciate what we are about in today’s Willow Park Junior School where we listen to and value the input of our boys and try to facilitate their learning through building up positive, open and honest relationships! We must always remember that education is all about people helping people.

James Docherty

P.S. If you would like to see more, check out his ‘Changing Education Paradigms

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