Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
Samuel Beckett

What school in Ireland does not try to cultivate the ‘self-esteem’ of its pupils?

It would be a brave Principal who said ‘Not ours’!

And yet, I sometimes think too much ‘ self-esteem’ can be a rather dangerous attribute. So, whilst Willow, of course, nurtures positive self-esteem in its pupils, it also nurtures resilience - through challenging its pupils and allowing them to experience ‘setbacks’ or minor failures.

I believe that pupils should understand that hard work, effort, good strategies (and being taught well) can lead to success. Natural talent, per se – in academia, sport or music - is all very well but diligence and tenacity are necessary on the long path of living a good, enriching and successful life.

This is one of the reasons why the school has asked Stella O’Malley to come in to talk to parents about developing resilience with their children. Stella will talk to parents on Wednesday the 30th of January on the topic of raising happy kids in an anxious world – developing resilience and coping skills in children. I invite parents of the boys in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form along to listen to what this renowned writer, psychotherapist, lecturer and parent has to say on nurturing and enjoying family life this New Year. If this talk is successful I will invite Stella in again to talk to the remaining parents of the boys from Third Form down to Junior Infants. Stella will provide parents with strategies in learning how to handle the relentless pressure from society and the media to provide a 'perfect' childhood, and instead raise their children with a more relaxed and joyful approach.

View the video below for some great insights on how to build resilience in our children.

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