Teacher - 'Class Project I'm Proud of'

Teacher - 'Class Project I'm Proud of'

This week was very busy for St Paul’s Junior Infants. The boys learned all about toys from the past in class. They were very interested to hear Ms Regan’s Granny talk and compared the toys she used to have with the toys we use today. The boys were amazed to learn that she didn’t even have a television! On Friday, in class, we used everything that we had learned about toys to design our own.

A big thank you to the parents of the boys who sent it plentiful supplies of cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes as well as plenty of other useful things for us to build with. The boys worked in pairs seeing as a whole toy is a big design job! They were very committed to using everything they possibly could to make their toy the best it could be and were more than happy to get a little messy for the cause. It was amazing to see the boys being so creative and showing such excellent teamwork as they worked on their inventions

It was decided that we would have an 'Art Show' to show everyone our beautiful toys. On Monday, the boys decorated beautiful invitations for their parents, minders, grandparents, brother, sisters, Mr. Docherty and anyone else who wanted to come for their big art show on Thursday. They also made two special invitations for P3 and M4 to come to their practice art show on Tuesday. They were very proud handing their invitations out!

On Tuesday, P3 and M4 arrived at the door to see the work the boys had done. Each pair had their own table to stand behind and were ready to answer lots of questions about what they had made and how they had made it. P3 and M4 were so impressed by the boys' imaginative toys and brilliant answers to their questions. Every boy in Junior Infants should be very proud of their super work.

On Thursday 24th of January, it was the big day for the boys 'Art Show' as their parents, minders, grandparents, brothers, sister, and Mr. Docherty turned up to view all their hard work and creativity. The boys were very proud to show off their imaginative toys. Well done to all involved!

This article is the first in a new series called 'Teacher - Class Projects I'm Proud of'

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