STEM in Willow Park

STEM in Willow Park
STEM in Willow Park

STEM in Willow Park works under the philosophy of Teach Less....Learn More

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics

STEM classes will now be taught to junior infants this year, with all 25 classes now being taught STEM.

Topics covered in STEM classes include the following:

  • Why is the amazon on fire? How do we put out a fire?
  • What influences a person's reaction time? Choose an independent variable.
  • Where do measurements come from?
  • Why do we get different results when we measure the same distance?
  • Were the moon landing photographs fake?
  • What's the best way to fly?
  • Does sugar really damage our teeth?


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Carla Moore

My name is Carla Moore. I am from Derry City and studied the four-year Bachelor of Education degree, specialising in Art and Design, at St. Mary’s University College in Belfast. I have been a mainstream class teacher in a large primary school in Belfast for last three years and have now moved to Dublin. So far, I have been very impressed by the boy’s curiosity, knowledge and interest in current world affairs. I am deeply passionate about enquiry based, child-led learning and I can’t wait to extend the boy’s thinking and problem-solving skills further as their new STEM coordinator this year.

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