Research from Cyber Safe Ireland

Research from Cyber Safe Ireland

80% of eight-year-olds own smart devices connected to the Internet

More than 25% of children play games designed for over-18s – Cyber Safe Ireland.

Four out of five eight-year-olds own a smart device connecting them to the internet and half are already engaged in social media, new research from Cyber Safe Ireland has found.

A survey released by the charity Cyber Safe Ireland also shows that 40 percent of children aged between 8 and 10 years were actively talking to strangers online in some capacity, 15 percent of them on a daily basis.

Launching the survey results of 1,200 children in that age group to mark Safer Internet Day, director Mick Moran said it was time to turn the tide on child exploitation and abuse. “Today is a reminder of our joint responsibility to empower children to protect themselves and, therefore, to prevent online crime in the first place,” he said.

The results show one in five children has appeared in a YouTube video. One-tenth of those surveyed are online for more than four hours a day and more than a quarter of them play games designed for over-18s.

“More than a third of the eight to 10-year-olds are rarely or never talking to their parents about online safety,” the organization said.

“All children in this age group who are online are potentially vulnerable, but those who are online without parental engagement are particularly vulnerable.”

With that in mind here are some simple steps for parents from Cyber Safe Ireland in this short 3-minute video that will help you keep your child safe online. #SaferInternetDay

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