Principal's Weekly Challenge - Week One - 2nd April

Principal's Weekly Challenge - Week One - 2nd April
Principal's Weekly Challenge - Week One - 2nd April

Principal’s Challenge Week One - 2nd April 2020

Complete the following challenges this week:

1. Create a training P.E. circuit with at least 5 stations one must be a stretching exercise, one must be running, one must exercise your arms, one must exercise your stomach muscles and one must exercise your core muscles.

2. Play a family Board game with all members of your family – either Monopoly, Risk or Junior 30 seconds or our family favourite Dig In!

3. Help with the family chores either empty the dishwasher, clear the table after lunch/dinner and fill the dishwasher or tidy your room or cut the grass. This is every single day this week.

4. Learn to juggle three or even four balls at the same time. Please see example in the Youtube video below

5. Follow your daily/weekly timetable created by your teacher.

I will be creating a short video link to this and sending it out to you all tomorrow either via the Willow Weekly or on Office 365 teams. I will be in contact with all of you this week using Office 365 Teams.

Take care men and be kind!

Mr. D

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