Little Green Shoots from St. John’s First Form

Little Green Shoots from St. John’s First Form
Little Green Shoots from St. John’s First Form

On March 6th the boys of J1 planted sunflower seeds in the courtyard. We had a lovely afternoon together and looked forward to seeing the plants grow in the classroom.

Little did we know then of the situation that would unfold less than a week later. Naturally, we were perplexed and confused when it was announced that the school would be closed for two weeks to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

There was a mad scramble to ensure that the boys packed their books, and were given home assignments for the duration of the school closure. It was a surreal moment standing in a classroom without children or school books. The potted plants were still on the windowsill waiting to be nurtured and cared for, a poignant reminder of the fun the boys had planting them.

So, I brought them home in the hope that I might save some of them. But to my surprise they have flourished, all of the seeds germinated. This is unusual because there are always one or two seeds, within every batch, that don’t germinate. Now the plants sit on my own windowsill at home, and they are thriving.

Hopefully I can return them to the boys to plant in their own gardens. In these uncertain times, it is good to know that little green shoots will appear again.

Áine O Donoghue St. John’s First Form

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