Intel Young Scientists Competition - A look back


Willow Park – 4th Form Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition

Well done to all the fourth form boys who participated in the Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition during STEM in November 2018. This annual exhibition gives the boys the opportunity to explore science through project based learning. It helps to encourage enthusiasm and practical learning in science.

Three winning projects were selected by visiting judges from UCD and many congratulations to the worthy winners. These projects went on to participate in the Mini Scientist Regional Final Event which takes place in Intel in December.

First place was awarded to a group of five boys from Ms Hannon’s class, Jack, Hugo, Patrick, Jack and Cian, who developed an APP that reminds a person of all the everyday tasks they may need to do on a daily basis.

Second place was awarded to William from Ms Andrews’ class whose project was entitled ‘Making a steam Pop Pop engine’.

Third place was awarded to Paddy also from Ms Hannon’s class who designed a Third World irrigation system which aims to reduce the workload of those people who struggle daily to get water for their families.

Well done to all the budding scientists with their projects heading into the next stage of the competition. Willow Park is very proud of their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment !

1st Place

Intel STEM Science.png

Jack, Hugo, Patrick, Jack and Cian - M4

2nd Place

Intel STEM Science 2.png

William - P4

3rd Place

Intel STEM Science 3.png

Paddy - M4

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