Green Schools Plastic Reduction Competition

Green Schools Plastic Reduction Competition
Green Schools Plastic Reduction Competition

Green Schools Plastic Reduction Competition

Did you know that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year, harming our wildlife for the sheer convenience of cheap plastic? Real change only happens when you use a reusable plastic bottle, when you pack lunch in a container, beeswax paper or a paper bag, when you choose to purchase loose fruit and veg over the heavily packaged alternatives. That is why the Green Schools Committee has decided to adequately respond to this plastic crisis through the brand new Plastic Reduction Competition. The aim of this competition is to greatly reduce plastic waste while rewarding classes who produce less waste.

Each class will be asked to sort their rubbish carefully, placing the non-recyclable products into one bin and the recyclable products into the other. Members of the Green Schools Committee will come around to each class every day and weigh the non-recyclable waste. If the Green Schools Committee see waste that is not sorted properly there will be a penalty. The class that produces the least waste will be announced each Friday and will receive a prize as chosen by their teacher.

The Green Schools Committee would like to thank you for your continued support in reducing waste around the campus.

Please note that recyclable materials include paper, cardboard and clean, dry, rigid plastic. Any soft plastic or plastic with food waste is not recyclable and should not be in the recycling bin.

Written by Brian Carroll with the rest of the Green Schools Committee

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