Give yourselves a pat on the back

Give yourselves a pat on the back
Give yourselves a pat on the back

You and 823 other children took part in the effort to break the world record for the longest human chain of people patting each other on the back.

The Willow Park Parents Association (WPA) believe you have done it. Smashed the record in fact! It was set at 329 children. Now 824 children did it yesterday. Do the maths!

But the WPA needs to send the evidence to the Guinness Book of Records who will decide if we did it all properly and have set a new record. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to the children from the four schools, our teachers, their parents and the Willow Park Parents Association.

The event received coverage from lots of media outlets. View video interview on

The Irish Times

Irish Independent

The Evening Herald

Irish Mirror

Dublin Live

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