Breakfast Club - Monday to Friday weekly

Breakfast Club  - Monday to Friday weekly

Did you know about our Willow Park Junior School Breakfast Club?

It is available to the boys each morning from 7.30am. The boys can have a varied and nutritious breakfast with their friends and teachers in a relaxed and social atmosphere, no screens allowed! The breakfast room is a light and airy area with lots of natural light, a great start to the day for your son.

It runs 5 mornings a week and costs just €2.00 per day or €10.00 per week.

Environmentally Friendly Changes in Breakfast Room

The boys are using all new re-usable crockery and cutlery. This is an important environmentally friendly development.

Reusable Crockery.png

Please enquire with Patricia in reception about your son attending the Willow Park Junior School Breakfast Club.


Ms Patricia Roe- Receptionist

Phone: 01 288 1651


Research shows that children in families or environments that eat together regularly tend to:

  • Eat healthier foods
  • Have a lower rate of eating disorders
  • Be less likely to experience substance abuse, and
  • Have improved academic achievements.

Dr. Allen Lim, a sports physiologist and cycling coach who worked and cooked for teams at Tour de France, saw firsthand the impact of shared meals during intense athletic training. Cyclists who spent their day laser-focused on their own performance needed that time with colleagues and friends.

In his book Feed Zone Table he writes: “Team dinners reinforced that food isn’t just a source of fuel, as it often seems to be during training and competition. It’s also a source of belonging … It is as important to mind what we eat as it is to eat in a way that fosters intimacy and connection with one another.”

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