Weekly Message from the Principal

Weekly Message from the Principal
Weekly Message from the Principal

As we hurtle towards the end of another school year with our eyes firmly fixed on that last day and the long, lazy days of summer ahead I remembered a video I was sent by our Board Chairman, Mr Dermot Duffy.

The video shows a social experiment carried out by the Washington Post in a Washington subway station. Its a normal busy morning as workers rush through their morning commute. The commuters are disinterested in a violinist in the corner playing classical masterpieces. They rush past oblivious to the wonderful sounds.

The violinist happened to be Joshua Bell, who is a world renowned performer and had sold out theatres in the preceding nights. The purpose of the social experiment was to highlight our inability to always appreciate the wonder that exists in front of us every day. The overarching message is that we must be alert to the possibilities that sometimes stare us in the face and that taking a momentary pause in your day can allow you to recognize such things.

I approached this final term with the gusto of a morning commuter, recognizing the time constraints of a 5 week term and the list of activities that had to be completed in this period. My head was down and my mind firmly focused on the most immediate task at hand.

It was then that I reflected on this video. I paused, looked around and I wasn't disappointed

I saw the beaming faces of the 5th form pupils as they bounded off the bus after a successful trip to the Share Centre. The teachers and parents got off the buses a little more gingerly but still sharing in the excitement.

I saw the Junior and Senior Infants race to the 4G pitch with boots in hand as they played out their very own Champions League final.

I listened to the choirs and orchestra dazzle us in a Hub session.

I saw our 6th form Junior leaders care for an injured Senior Infant as they nursed a bloody knee.

I saw Duke and Tom Clonan captivate every pupil in the school as stories were shared about the wonderful work Duke does to help Eoghan Clonan.

I have watched the parents tirelessly contribute to the Spring Fair, pull together a Willow Weekly (as myself and Mr Docherty hold up production on a weekly basis as we stumble through a piece), Pat the Back charity initiative, the charity committees, the swimming galas, cricket matches, tennis matches... the list goes on.

I have watched the boys in M4 collaborate to sell sugar cane water bottles for charity.

And finally my highlight came last Saturday as I stood back and watched the 2nd form boys make their First Communion. The boys represented their families, the school and most importantly themselves with such dignity and respect. It was impossible not to be impressed and extremely proud. All the while the parents of 1st form, the accommodation team and the 2nd form teachers worked subtly in the background to ensure the 2nd form boys and families had a day they'd remember forever.

We are blessed to work and attend a school that, when given the opportunity to step back and look around, we are surrounded by people and actions that create such pride and happiness. I would advise anybody to do it.

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