Arts Week 2019

Arts Week 2019

Arts Week 2019 promises to be another exciting, artistic and creative experience for the boys. Once again, original artwork produced by each boy will be exhibited around the school.

On the evening of Monday 1st April from 7.15-9pm, Arts Week will be officially opened by Mr Docherty and all Willow Park families are invited. The creative talents of our young artists, musicians and thespians will be at the core of this very special event. Parents will be given the opportunity to purchase the boys’ framed pieces of artwork on the night for a minimum donation of €10. Pictures purchased will be sent home with the boys on Thursday 4th April with all proceeds going to a charity chosen by 6th form boys.

'All For One and One for All’, is the theme for this year’s Arts Week, a theme that will be fully embraced by all 630 boys as they complete another Whole School Project during this week. Part of this whole school project will involve the boys drawing self-portraits. Each boy needs to bring a photograph (any size) of themselves into class (by Thursday 28th ) which they will draw from onto an A4 size page.

As Pablo Picasso said ‘Every Child is an Artist’ and we hope that all the boys maximise their artistic potential during Arts Week 2019.

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