Some racing tips from Head Coach James Lawless

  • Putting your goggles on under your hat helps keep them in place off the start
  • Always concentrate on your own race - remember you are racing the clock
  • Always make sure to focus on executing great technique - efficient swimmers are faster swimmers
  • Stay relaxed but focussed - especially on the start 
  • Great starts and turns are important for short events - streamlining is key
  • Sportsmanship is the mark of a champion - always be respectful of other competitors
  • Win or learn - always look to see what you can improve on for when you return to practice
  • ENJOY!

Meet the Coach!

James Lawless is a Swim Ireland Level 3 Swimming Coach with over 15 years experience ranging from learn to swim programmes across multiple centres to club and school based coaching. 

Club Manager and coach also at renown Trojan Swimming Club, James has been responsible for building a swim team at Willow Park School from 10 members in 2008 to over 50 to become the largest and most successful school based competitive programme in recent times. James consistently adds regional and national titles to the school's achievements but also insists 'it's not all about winning, the winning is in the swimming'